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Spark AR Filter! Social Media 2.0

The use of masks and disguises for entertainment and identity is not new. In fact, some of the oldest relics […]

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Augmented Reality Audio App for Bose Frames at MIT Media Lab

Our team came together at MIT Media Lab to explore completely new UX/UI paradigms in audio AR with Bose AR […]

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kent bye

Interview with Kent Bye on music, rituals, and VR


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alice coltrane red bull

The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane - Om Rama - VR180

  This VR180 video was shot at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival in Los Angeles, CA. The idea to […]

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VR360 Sing Along in El Salvador

Original composition by Ali Primera. Interpreted by a group of unidentified musicians who stroll by the bars and restaurants selling […]

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Expanding Immersive Media in El Salvador with BuzzFeed

Media brands have an opportunity to build new followings in LATAM region by connecting through identity and building content that resonates. Showing up solidifies the relationship and creates new avenues for learning and solidarity.

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BuzzFeed 360 - How a Baby's Brain Develops 360

In this VR short for BuzzFeed through the POV of a baby, we explore the cognitive process, why having two […]

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Making VR with Redbull Music Academy in Trinidad and Tobago

RAIL UP : MUNDIAL ⚡️🌴📡🇹🇹 Journey to Trinidad and Tobago in full 360 to experience the raw sights and sounds […]

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Speakeasy App Wins Hackathon at MIT Media Lab

As soon as you walk in, you feel inspired with all of the raw technology on display. I can’t find […]

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Making VR for Social Impact

My dive into virtual reality did not begin with visions of mass market adoption. It was only a few years […]

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VR 360º Los Angeles Women's March

In this immersive 360º VR experience you are teleported to Los Angeles during the historic Women’s March where over 750,000 […]

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LACMA goes Brazilian in 360 Virtual Reality

Every year the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles sponsors Latin Sounds Concert Series at LACMA. This year featured the heavy […]

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The Time of Your Life

Paradise found on a remote beach in Baja California, Mexico. This is Genius Loci. What started as an experiment bringing […]

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VR Experience of Powerfest in South L.A.

MUSIC IS THE WEAPON Music and arts have always played a role in the mobilization of the masses. Whether you […]

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