BuzzFeed 360 – How a Baby’s Brain Develops 360

In this VR short for BuzzFeed through the POV of a baby, we explore the cognitive process, why having two awesome surfer moms rocks, and how learning a second language only makes you a better person. While the experience of a baby varies depending on your circumstances, one thing is true – you’re a fearless learner, coding the mental software you’ll eventually use as an adult. And since you’re a work in progress, people are focused on your growth.

This video informs and inspires.

Our best bet is to raise our littlest citizens in environments that promote growth and curiosity for learning. When we have these conditions, we can operate under a growth mindset, that is, a realization that we have the ability to embrace learning challenges, rather than feel defeated by them. This concept of ‘growth mindset,’ has been researched by Stanford Psychology Professor Carol Dweck who made these findings based on her early research with animal motivation in what became known as “animal helplessness.” An observation that animals often stopped doing what they were capable of after repeated failures.

So what?

What failures do we face as adults? Many. And as we rise in leadership ranks, or brave new directions, the fear of learning becomes greater because over time we’ve been taught to celebrate achievement, not challenge. And in my experience teaching design thinking to high ranking leaders, it’s this lack of creative confidence that hinders their ability to think in divergent ways that often lead to breakthrough solutions to non-linear problems.