Records and Rollerskates in Detroit, Michigan

Part 1 • Records

We were greeted with music in Detroit. After the flight from LA, my friend Kota and I decided to go straight to the record stores. Little did we know that first familiar face we’d encounter would be that of legendary Detroit DJ, Theo Parrish himself. Needless to say, the majority of our stay in The D was at record shops. We came back with stacks and stacks of flavourful joints from the crates of Hello Records, People’s Records, and many other fine record stores. Music is alive and well in Detroit.


Part 2 • Rollerskates

What’s better than rollerskating all night with amazing people, soul food, and heavy grooves? Nothing. If you have no idea what I’m describing, make a pilgrimage out to Soulskate Detroit for one of the most fulfilling dance music experiences you will ever live. Mahogani Records and a huge community effort put on Soul Skate, a dance music event bringing together Detroit’s best rollerskaters, DJs, as well as special guests. This footage was from 2014 when Louie Vega and Whoodini came to perform. The even only happens every other year so get ready for 2018.

Fun note: This footage was deemed as lost. I totally thought it was gone forever after making some changes to my hard drive. Thankfully I was able to locate this footage in the cloud and finally share with the world. Enjoy this bit of visual poetry and ethnography from the land of J-Dilla, Motown, and Moodyman.


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