In early 2016 I had the unique opportunity to fly out to Santiago, Chile to shoot some of the first virtual reality content ever recorded on Chilean soil. Along with my partner, Derek Wong, we scaled the Andes Mountains, explored the artistic corridors of Valparaiso, and went for a tour of many of Santiago’s most colourful spaces.

Teleport to Valle del Maipo

In this video you are teleported through the valley of Maipo up to El Morado Glacier where we give you a drone’s eye view of the breathtaking scenery below. For best results, view this video with a virtual reality headset such as the Google Daydream, cardboard, or any of the other high end VR headsets that are available.

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MIT Media Lab Marlon Fuentes

VirtuosoXR! Rhythm Learning App made at MIT Reality Hack

VirtuosoXR is a music education platform that uses spatial computing and ethnomusicological methods for learning context and performance. Performing music […]

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City Creative Lab - Oculus Quest in South L.A.

July 4, 2019 Thank you to Champion City (Client) for inviting us out to South Central Los Angeles for a […]

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Making a Spark AR Filter for Pediatric Healthcare Awareness

The use of masks and disguises for entertainment and identity is not new. In fact, some of the oldest relics […]

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Augmented Reality Audio App for Bose Frames at MIT Media Lab

Our team came together at MIT Media Lab to explore completely new UX/UI paradigms in audio AR with Bose AR […]

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