Teaching XR Design at World Bank’s Honduras Digital Challenge

My work takes me to communities in Latin America and the Caribbean as a technologist and coach for young entrepreneurs.

These experiences have allowed me to share the gifts I’ve had the privilege to receive through an amazing journey of learning and self actualization as an immigrant in the United States. Most recently I was in Tegucigalpa employed by the World Bank on a mission to inspire and coach young people to create immersive technology startups.

I was joined by leaders from around the globe including MIT D-Lab professor, Richard Fletcher whom I had the opportunity to share my vision with. Seeing the talent and enthusiasm of Hondureños willing to travel hours by bus to receive my workshops was an honor and similarly, I became a student of their determination.

The message I brought to these students was not of consumerism, but of innovation and how they could utilize these technologies to serve the unique needs of their community. Teaching value proposition design, creative new business models, and exposing these youth to new skills and technologies by way of new business ideas would be the type of project I would dedicate my Masters thesis on and utilize the lab time and independent study in order to come up with prototype products and services to serve these communities.