VR 360º Tools for Heal The Bay

How can we help people experience the work of one of LA’s premiere environmental nonprofits? This was the challenge for a recent project I took on to produce a series of 360º virtual reality videos for Heal The Bay. In collaboration with a verynice design studio, who developed their latest website, we brainstormed how to create an experiential layer to the organization’s digital strategy. These videos not only showcase the beauty of the Los Angeles bay, but also provide the organization with immersive new tools that can be used in classrooms all over the world. As a surfer, and creative technologist, this project was particularly meaningful to me in order to inspire people to love the ocean the same way that I do.


Explore California: Boat Field Work

We set off aboard the Dorothy, Heal the Bay’s boat to explore the bay and find wildlife and specimens. In this video, staff Aquarist Akino Higa collects samples to bring back to the aquarium. Want to create educational VR content? Click to message.

Explore California: Ballona Wetlands

Whether you are in need of a mental break or want to really get a sense for the wetlands in the South Bay of Los Angeles, this immersive 360º virtual reality video can take you there. Want to create educational VR content?Click to message.

Explore California: Abalone Cove

Keeping our beaches clean ensures that generations to come will have a place to surf, relax, and enjoy the coast. In this video I hiked down to the bottom of Palos Verdes Cove to record a secluded portion of the beach. Want to create educational VR content?
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