Journey to Trinidad and Tobago in full 360 to experience the raw sights and sounds of the infamous Laventille Rhythm Section. Known as the “steam engine” in Carnival bands, Rhythm Sections in Trinidad drive the music with thunderous percussion and presence. Today this music influences producers across many dance genres – evidence of a global music phenomenon beyond borders.

While Laventille is frequently regarded as one of the most dangerous places in Trinidad, The Laventille Rhythm Section presents a different story and is emblematic of the heart and soul of their community.

Join The Laventille Rhythm Section at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival Los Angeles at a special edition Rail Up party – a collective that celebrates diverse sounds from the sprawling African and Latinx musical diasporas.

Ethnographic Journey

This trip by way of its approach was an ethnography. No doubt about that. The richness of the narrative and delivery in performance was evidence of a spirit of friendship, and collaboration, of mutual understanding, and eagerness to share. We carried with us an Insta360 Pro, an ambisonic senheiser microphone, wireless laveliers, and Zoom recorder. More than anything we wanted to be mobile without losing the quality of the image, nor the opportunity to record a great scene. The Insta360 Pro’s portability, fast start up time, and quality was the perfect balance.

Learn more: http://la.redbullmusicacademy.com. #RBMALA


Directed by Marlon Fuentes
Produced by Marlon Fuentes and Kyle Midgley
Videography, Tiny Planet, and Technical Assistance: Hugh Hou