Being asked to participate as a curator at this exhibition has been an honor and a pleasure for me. This project challenged me as a designer; bringing out my practice as an ethnomusicologist, and applying it toward the use of immersive technology for understanding.

  • Daito Manabe Interview // Exposé
  • Laventille Rhythm Section (Redbull)

In 1970, futurist Alvin Toffler taught us that the we’d moved into a decentralized and fast moving society of radical change. Paulo Freire taught us that freedom means self determination. Both are among the plethora of visionary leaders who have at one time offered a road map to the future. To organize your life for a creative movement, a constantly building, dreaming, and living cycle; is to be radical in thinking. I believe in the responsibility among radical thinkers to help build the future they want to live in.

‘The Future Happened’ is a personal celebration of fearless creativity, and self directed learning common among people working on emerging technologies and ideas. Working alongside a few of the most inventive and professional colleagues I know was a treat. The outcome speaks for itself. What a dignified way of presenting such visionary creators!


Press Coverage

Fast Company, April 26, 2021