Paradise found on a remote beach in Baja California, Mexico. This is Genius Loci.

What started as an experiment bringing creative free spirits to a remote beach hours south of Ensenada deep in Baja California’s Valle de Guadalupe where the first vinyards in North America were planted, has now grown into a very well organized and enchanting music festival dubbed, “Genius Loci.” The name comes from ancient Roman culture meaning, protective spirit of a place or sacred space. And it is.


If you have seen the film, Y tu Mamá También, you would understand the feeling of arriving at a place so pristine. After driving through a sketchy no mans land of twisty, windy two-lane roads, you turn into a small town of few inhabitants where after some off-roading, you begin to come face to face with the ocean. For those that foolishly arrive at night after being delayed LA traffic (ie: me), you cannot see anything. It is pitch black as you drive through the rugged corridor leading from the main highway. Suddenly you begin to hear waves crashing, and bass thumping. You have arrived. After pitching your tent, greeting friends, and dancing the night away, you wake up in your tent, step outside, and immediately your jaw drops. You have arrived in paradise.


I hope the virtual reality experience you are watching gives you a sense of youthful adventure and inspires you to take a chance on experiences that will ultimately change your life for the better. This 360 virtual reality experience captures the epic sunset DJ set by our Los Angeles friend, Jeremy Sole. The festival massive is dancing freely on the beach in what can be described in words as a moment of joy and fantasy.


Virtual Reality Conception, shot, stitched, and produced by Marlon Fuentes 2016

Much love to the incredible souls producing Genius Loci Fest. From the soundsystem, cooks, artists, yoga instructors, dancers, kind souls, and Eduardo Manilla and Henry Pope who masterminded this thing. Looking forward to more.