Virtual Real Estate Walk Through During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought many real estate in-person viewings to a grinding halt. However, that did not stop Colliers International, a global corporation with billions in assets from serving their clients. Our team worked closely with the Colliers team in Los Angeles to produce a walk-through and micro-site for one of their clients. This was a one day shoot and quick turnaround custom site built with the goal of serving Colliers International with a safe and easy way to inform their clients.

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Website developed and produced for Colliers International.
Viewable on virtual reality headset, tablet, desktop, and mobile.

Designing Workplace for Decentralized Futures

With billions in savings, remote work is here to stay. This will benefit knowledge workers who have the skills to be productive and impactful by utilizing widely available telepresence, collaboration, and productivity tools. The next step is now to help organizations visualize what the future of work looks like with hybrid human resource models. To help listen, ideate, and create these futures, our team is available for facilitated strategic planning workshops and creative prototyping.