In early 2016 I had the unique opportunity to fly out to Santiago, Chile to shoot some of the first virtual reality content ever recorded on Chilean soil. Along with my partner, Derek Wong, we scaled the Andes Mountains, explored the artistic corridors of Valparaiso, and went for a tour of many of Santiago’s most colourful spaces.

Teleport to Valle del Maipo

In this video you are teleported through the valley of Maipo up to El Morado Glacier where we give you a drone’s eye view of the breathtaking scenery below. For best results, view this video with a virtual reality headset such as the Google Daydream, cardboard, or any of the other high end VR headsets that are available.

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VR360 Sing Along in El Salvador

Original composition by Ali Primera. Interpreted by a group of unidentified musicians who stroll by the bars and restaurants selling […]

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BuzzFeed 360 - How a Baby's Brain Develops 360

In this VR short for BuzzFeed through the POV of a baby, we explore the cognitive process, why having two […]

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Making VR with Redbull Music Academy in Trinidad and Tobago

RAIL UP : MUNDIAL ⚡️🌴📡🇹🇹 Journey to Trinidad and Tobago in full 360 to experience the raw sights and sounds […]

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This Project Won the MIT VR Hackathon in 24 hours

As soon as you walk in, you feel inspired with all of the raw technology on display. I can’t find […]

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